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Salesforce is vital to developing business processes for Sales and Marketing teams to achieve long term success!

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Proper Data architecture and Reporting can empower any organization big or small to punch above their weight class in their Sales and Marketing initiatives.


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Stop being over reliant on Spreadsheets and get Serious ROI from Your Salesforce Investment

  1.  Lead Management
  2.  Campaign Tracking
  3.  Attribution Reporting
  4.  Pipeline Management
  5.  Custom Object Development
  1.  Reporting and Dashboards
  2.  Data Augmentation and Cleaning
  3.  Lead Queues and Assignment
  4.  Plugin Implementation
  5.  Lead Qualification
It's rare to find a consulting firm that works as a part of the team, not outside of it. And that is exactly what SaaScend did! By developing a deep understanding of our marketing automation system and it’s integration across content management, analytics and CRM platforms, they were able to provide actionable recommendations to optimize performance, attribution and reporting capabilities. Turning our blue sky, end-to-end analytics goal into tailored tactics and clear steps for implementation, SaaScend made the impossible achievable.

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